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As a Realtor, your job is extremely stressful and we understand that. We’re here to make your job just even a tiny bit easier to take some of the stress off of you! We understand it’s hard and we’re here to help.

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At LendMe, we specialize in foreclosure & short sale loans.

Cash Out Purchase Loans LendMe mortgages

If your purchase price is less than the current market value, we’ll even lend more than the sales price!* We understand that money can be tight in real estate at times. Use this extra money on rehabs for the home!

*Business purpose only.

LendMe Hard Money Loans Same Day Approvals

We’re experts at working directly with you and your buyer and ensuring it’s a smooth and fast transaction. We really do work hard to make your job easier!

Earn your own brokering fees!

As a private money lender, Realtors can broker loans and earn loan fees with LendMe. Why not complete the transaction circle and help your investor clients get financed?!

We also strive on closing fast, we know purchases are extremely important and understand that no buyer wants to wait. We often close your transaction in a matter of days.

We understand your job is tough and we want to help ensure a smooth transaction with you and the buyer occurs while taking the stress of your plate! If you’re a realtor and you’re stressed about your job (and let’s be honest, it happens to us all sadly!) get in touch with us today.





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