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Loan Package

Stated Income, Stated Assets Loan Products

Below are the documents to include with your loan.

For new loans, please include a Loan Submission form.

Loan Submission Form

From Borrower:

  • Borrower’s ID
  • Additional Borrower’s ID (Social Security card, other, etc.)
  • Hazard Insurance Agent info. or Declaration page

In addition, if Borrower is a Corporation, LLC, or Partnership:

  • Bylaws or Operating Agreement
  • Any IRS document showing company Tax ID

In addition, if transaction is a refinance:

  • Most recent mortgage statements
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From Escrow:

  • Breakdown of all Escrow & Title Fees
  • Escrow Instructions
  • Vesting Amendment
  • Prelim Title & Lender’s Title Policy
  • HOA/ CC&R Doc’s

In addition, if transaction is a purchase:

  • Purchase Contract
  • All Escrow Deposits proof/ receipts
  • Short Sale approvals
  • Transfer Tax Fee



For Wholesale use only and is not intended for distribution to the general public. This is not a commitment to lend. Subject to underwriting guidelines and restrictions may apply and change. LTV limits are based on current, accurate value. Centurion Management Inc. may change rates & guidelines at any time. Centurion Management Inc., a California Corporation, is licensed by the Bureau of Real Estate (Lic. 01997816).

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